Gigtix and the Fair Ticketing Alliance

Fair Ticketing Alliance

Gigtix is part of the Fair Ticketing Alliance. Speaking out for a responsible secondary ticketing market for all music lovers and live entertainment fans.

Fair Ticketing Alliance

The FTA (Fair Ticketing Alliance) is a campaign group formed of secondary ticket traders who are concerned about the negative reputation the industry faces and feel there is a need for a platform from which they can raise their own voice and reach others.

Our main aim has always been to improve the perception of the secondary ticket market by communicating with politicians, policymakers, regulators, journalists, academics and others about our ethical operations. We also feel it is important to highlight the malpractice within the ticket industry and the benefits of having a vibrant secondary market for consumers.

Our recent campaigns have included attempting to establish greater legal and regulatory clarity around existing laws, ensuring secondary exchange platforms allow traders to comply fully with the law and initiating conversations about a possible licensing scheme to protect consumers.

At present we have 30 traders and hope for this number to increase as our campaign strengthens. All FTA traders work to a strict code of practice which respects event organisers and consumers, enabling them to work within the law.

Visit the Fair Ticketing Alliance website for more information about the group. Catchup on the latest news and updates on our current campaigns, read up on our codes of practise and get in touch.


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