Slash: The Legend Under The Hat

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Slash: The Legend Under The Hat

Known for his raw energy, aggressive style, melodic licks, and, of course, iconic top hat, Slash is one of the most recognisable rock stars of all time.

It’s fair to say that everybody has heard at least one of his guitar solos – even if it is a questionable rendition from the Step Brothers movie. But, who is Slash? Where did his musical career start, and, most importantly, what’s the craic with his new tour?

London born

Let’s start at the beginning. Before Slash, there was Saul Hudson – born to Ola and Anthony Hudson on 23rd July 1965 in Hampstead (London).

Why the name Slash?

But where did the name Slash come from? Well, an actor and friend, Seymour Cassel, said that Saul never stood still and was always working on his next scheme, and thus, Saul became Slash.

From drummer boy to rock star

Slash’s musical career started early, picking up the drums, initially as the little drummer boy in a school production of 12 Days of Christmas when he was just five. Then, in one portentous moment – a marijuana-infused awakening – Slash discovered the music of Aerosmith, and his journey to rock stardom began.

Slash began learning guitar on an old Spanish-style guitar that his grandmother gave him – practising 12 hours a day until he started his first band, Titus Sloan, in 1981. The band didn’t last long, and in 1983, he formed a new band called Roadcrew with Stephen Adler. After a few more failed music ventures, he eventually entered Guns and Roses (G&R) in 1985, replacing the band’s original guitarist (and namesake) Tracy Guns.

In 1987, G&R recorded their first album, where Slash’s virtuosic guitar solos cemented his claim to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time. But despite his accolades and rockstar status, it wasn’t until 2009 that Slash started to produce his first self-titled solo album. Slash embarked on his first solo world tour with Myles Kennedy to promote the album.

In 2011, Slash collaborated with Myles to produce his second ‘solo’ album, which was then assigned to the new band ‘Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators’. ‘The Conspirators’ comprises Brent Fitz on drums, Todd Kerns, bassist and vocals, and Frank Sidoris on guitar and vocals.

Four albums and thirteen years later, the band kicked off their 2024 “The River Is Rising – Rest Of The World Tour” in Mexico City’s Pepsi Centre WTC and is set to visit 20 countries and 31 cities across the globe, including Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and London.

With its punchy and grittier tones, their touring album, ‘4’ benefits from being listened to live (or at the very least, a decent sound system) – from the Paradise City-esque double tempo of The River Is Rising to the sweet melody of Fill My World, the album is a treat to the ears, and with the stage presence of Slash, and his epic solos, this tour is a sensory delight you won’t want to miss.

Get tickets

So grab your hats, mark your calendars and… get your tickets to Slash’s 2024 tour →

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