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So here we are, over a year since the first Coronavirus lockdown and just about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long hard year for sure and we are all desperate to get back out there and find normality again. A big part of that is going out to see our idols and experience live events which have been cruelly taken from us for so long. Well it shouldn’t be too long to wait now as only today it was announced in The Sun that Boris Johnson is going to be advised that events can return at full capacity and that there is no need for social distancing. This is music to our ears of course! The first events that are pencilled in that we are covering are for Van Morrison in London which take place from 1st June to 5th June. These are currently socially distanced events, it remains to be seen if venues will be able to run at full capacity again which we think they really have to be. At a third of capacity it just doesn’t work for venues.

Well now we are all chomping at the bit lets help all of these venues, especially the small one by getting back out there and feeling confident that we will be safe. The vaccine rollout has certainly been a godsend in that regard and means that surely those mosh-pits will start back up again!

So from June 21st it looks like live events will return in full capacity venues and here are some of the highlights that we see as coming up over the Summer, mainly festivals but some of the lineups are magic and we cannot wait to be there!! We have plenty of variety when it comes to the festivals so take a browse at your leisure and enjoy looking forward to fantastic live events once again!





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Published Fri, 30 Apr 2021 @ 12:18

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